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If one starts talking about types of watches, then it could never end because there are so many types of watches we could start with digital wristbands, pocket watches, and wall-hanging clocks. some of them could be as cheap as wheat flour whereas some of them could be as expensive as a big mansion.


1. CIRCULAR WALL CLOCK – It is circular in color and is the best way to highlight any plain and dull wall

2. METALLIC WALL CLOCK- used as a contemporary wall clock and remain in pace with time. The golden numerals add a Classic look while the attached black metal ring makes it look voguish.

3. PRINTED WALL CLOCK- in this type there is something printed on the like an anime character or full cast of office or friends printed behind the clock.


  1. WATCH DIAL WITH CHAIN LOOP ATTACHMENT- the open-face pocket watch is one of the oldest designs of the watch. This is because in the 1880s all railway workers were required to carry a pocket watch.

2. PROTECTIVE HINGED COVER WITH WINDOW- the half hunter is a variation on the full hunter. the half hunter often has numerals on the case around the window to make it even easier to read the time.

3. FRONT AND BACK OPENING COVER- the double hunter is basically a larger pocket watch, usually containing a mechanical movement. the watch will have a skeleton dial enabling the user to see the workings around the watch’s hands.


1. SMART SMARTWATCH- the simple smart watches for boys and girls that allow them to do simple things. The casio g shock series falls into this category.

2. SPORT SMARTWATCH- these watches are athletes’ best friends these smart watches can do a lot of things like count the calories intake, heart rate, and pulse rate, they are also waterproof up to an extent of 50m in the swimming pool.

3. CLASSIC SMART WATCH- these watches are like an extension of people’s smartphones connected through Bluetooth. these watches have calling features, calender entries, etc.

These were some of the types of watches all of them have not been listed but these are the ones that is commonly used by people and are one of the best types.



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