A watch is a portable, wearing clock that is portable. It is designed to keep moving continuously despite any motions caused by the person’s activities. A watch strap or other band, such as one made of metal, leather, or another material, that secures the timepiece is designed to fit tightly around the wrist. In addition to typically being attached to anything, a pocket watch is designed to fit in a person’s pocket. In the 17th century, watches were developed from spring-powered clocks, which originally appeared in the 14th century. For the bulk of its history, the watch was a mechanical creation that ran on clockwork, was wound by a mainspring, and used an oscillating balance wheel to keep time. 

The electronic quartz watch was developed in the 1960s and kept time by vibrating a quartz crystal that was powered by a battery. One of the inventions of the 2010s is smartwatches, which are sophisticated, computer-like electronic devices designed to be worn on the wrist. They often have timekeeping capabilities, although these represent only a small portion of a smartwatch’s capabilities. The other type of watch is the classic, most exquisite wall-hanging timepiece which you can have a circular wall clock, metallic wall clock, and cut-out wall clock. 

Types of Watches


  Watches are just not watched they are a way of increasing a person’s personality just see all those celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Will Smith, and Emma Watson all those people may not have the same dressing sense because of gender or personality type but all of them have one thing in common which is they all premium watch collection with Rolex, Gucci in there wardrobe that is the reason these people spend millions of dollar on watches. while Rolex pays around 6.1 million US dollars to Roger Federer to wear a Rolex after winning Wimbledon. The most expensive watch which was ever sold was Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chrime Ref. 6300A-010 fetching US 31.1 dollars in Geneva on 9 November 2019.

Watch enhancing the personality


Watch at a building

  We all have been in a big 5-star hotel but what are the things we notice at there is the lighting, the environment the crowd the food one thing that we ignore is the extraordinary hanging timepieces which not only tell us the time but also enhance, fills out the walls of the hotels and helps in increasing the reputation of the hotels and resorts.

Everyone lives in houses a house may not have a refrigerator, a television, or some basic furniture but all of them will have watches, because watches not only tell you time they tell you the way of living, Imagine yourself living in the stone age years when people were not having clocks, wrist watches still they used to the work, how? because of the rotation of the sun but thanks to watches that have made our work easier to see the time we don’t have to look towards the sun to see the time. There are so many types of wall-hanging watches that not only tell you the time but will convince you to spend money on these masterpieces.


example of a smartwatch

   As of today 16 December 2022 the world population is approximately 8 billion and more than 1.3 billion people which is around 1/8 of the world population suffer from high blood pressure, which has a high rate of increasing heart attacks according to WHO these people need to check their blood every 6 hours but due to less blood pressure machines they are unable to check but the new smartwatches have introduced blood pressure checker which checks the pulse even gets on alarm if it senses the rate of blood pressure is increasing or decreasing instantly.

There was a case in the USA where a woman was suffering from high blood pressure but she instantly felt pain in her left hand so she checked her blood pressure which was low and was taken to the hospital where she came to know that she has a blockage in her heart and she was saved, just imagine if she wouldn’t be having that smartwatch she could get a heart attack and could die.


   watches are the things that you can and you should not compromise in buying if you are going for a watch that is expensive but has a lot of features then go for it. otherwise, THE ”METROWATCHCOMPANY” which is a Delhi-based watch company sells all kinds of watches whether wrist watches, wall hanging watches or pocket watches which are all executive watches we deal with all of the companies like Titan, Casio and G shock, because we not only sell watches we sell Goodluck as new watch brings in new possibilities and new luck.



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