Metro Watch Company is a very well-reputed watch store which is based in Delhi and is one of the oldest shops in one of Delhi’s busiest markets Karol Bagh. The founder of this company was the late Mr. Kashmeri Lal Puri who was a businessman and always had an interest in watches so he opened the shop in the year 1958. The shop is over 65+ years old and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the family but still, the company’s intention is to fulfill the need of its customers. Currently, the C.E.O of the company is Mr. Deepak Puri, he is just the same way as the founder of the shop Mr. Kashmeri Lal Puri, a pure humble personality with a pure heart who aims to fulfill the need of their customer rather than doing dirty things to earn money because our motto is to “Earn hearts over earning Money”.

The Metro word was for the company was derived from the metropolitan cities as the founder Mr. Puri always wanted India to be the an independent country rather than dependent country and wanted all other fellow Indians to invest in Indian stores and shops only to buy homemade products rather than imported products as these products are more long lasting and offer many more features, and also because he quoted a lot from Gandhi Ji “ Swadeshi apnaige desh ko bachaige, Videshi apnaige desh lo mitaige”. So, all this putting together he decided to name the shop Metro Watch Company.

The shop is an authorized dealer of watches like Titan, Casio, Armani, fireboltt, etc.

The company not only keeps the profit with themselves but also they donate around 10 percent money to old age and kids orphanages this initiative was taken by late Mr. Ramesh Kumar Puri former C.E.O of the company as he never wanted to keep joy and happiness within himself but also to spread positivity, happiness and joy with the ones who can’t have those on its own.